Hello everybody,

My name is Aleksey Savchenko and this is my blog dedicated to World of Bloodlines. It is a fictional world, alternative history universe driven by a concept of ancient powerhouses that are standing behind the human history and operate from the shadow. Our world and their world are divided by a so called Velvet Curtain, code of secrecy that forbids initiated members of Houses of Blood to disclose their existence to humans. World of Bloodlines is a world of conspiracy, intrigue and power struggle which is echoing into the usual people daily life with events we all know happened, but never knew the real reason behind.

Currently, I’m working at the book “Bloodlines”, but overall idea of extended universe, live setting expanding with different type of content organically have always attracted me and this is what this blog is basically for (well, outside of serving the role of a great hobby and creative outlet, of course).

In some meaning, this blog is planned as a quest, story and research and a puzzle that takes interest, curiosity, courage and imagination to explore for everyone who opens this page.

While progressing through my personal journey as an author, this time, I would not be travelling alone, as a couple of my good friends kindly agreed to assist me with their talent and participate. They will be presented as well here, at the pages of this blog in appropriate time.

If you alright with everything written here and hear the call of unknown, get your coat from the shelf, take a notepad, check your wards and amulets, open your mind and make a first step!  It will be quite the ride, you have my promise on that 🙂

Merry Xmas and New Year!

Hello everybody,

2017 is almost over and Holidays are upon us!

The year have been a tremendous fun for myself and some of my very good friends (Dmitri, Jim, Igor, Michael, Vladimir, guys) working together on Bloodlines as our “weekend warrior” type of creative hangout.

Some of the snippets have been posted here at thebloodlines.blog. A lot of stuff, lore, artwork and characters have been created outside of it.

World began to live and develop itself and this great, magical feeling is a reward in itself we are thankful and humble to realise and enjoy.

Next year is gonna be even more interesting, there are some very cool plans and activities we are to engage and just to mention few:

  • After release of my current book in time, I’m fully departing into the writing a series of short novels based on Bloodlines.
  • Our good friends and new partners (to be announced soon) are already working on a board game based on Bloodlines universe.

Obviously, blog will continue to live and develop over the year, from February-March, including contributing writers and participants, some of whom are to be quite a surprise for everyone, I’m sure.

The most importantly, though, we would like to thank our friends and those who dropped by here, got acquainted with Bloodlines and got back to us with feedback and ideas.

It is always an inspiration to know, our work is appreciated and spark creative energy in readers.

Thank you guys and have an amazing celebration of Xmas and New Year!




Ferenc Liszt



… To whom it may concern.

This is Sigma, code 82-46-76A-SK. Sorry to break silence at this channel, but my group doesn’t seem to have any other options. Sigma have been ambushed today at Ferenc Liszt Ambush by an unknown force. Multiple casualties, it’s just me and two other operatives who survived. Headmaster is critically wounded. Please advise.


This is Field HQ commanding officer, code 34-56-78H-DF. Budapest cell and our operations in Central Europe have been compromised. Avoid known location of the safe-house and don’t try to get in touch with our agents. Please confirm if you are still in the possession of the package.


Field HQ, package is still in our possession, I repeat, we conform, still have the case. Please advise retreat point or course of action.


Sigma 82-46-76A-SK, leave city area immediately, move to rally point 16A. Agent Rostov will be expecting your arrival. Godspeed.


Affirmative Sigma, we are on our way.



The Book of Mixed Blood #2: The Mute

… The Mute is a very old creature that exists for centuries now and last time have been encountered in Crimean Mountains in 80-ies of 20th century. Apart from other Children of Mixed Blood, The Mute is not looking for attention or hunting down human settlements, preferring more of hermit type of behaviour. Due to that it could be called innocent, if not for his unique ability to cut into power streams of the relics in vast distance and corrupt their nature and effects.

Born Alyosha Novikov, The Mute as it known, is a result of forbidden love between an ambassador of Ark, Nikolai Novikov, and secret agent of House of David, Rachel Abelman. After kid have been born to the world, his mother died as it often happens in cases of mixed blood incidents. Her last request was to save the life of the child and his father could not say no.

After returning to Russia with a little son at his hands, he retired from his current position and spent next ten years in their family mansion raising Alyosha. Closer to his twelve, little kid (unnaturally!) began to show first signs of extremely developed extra-human qualities reaching to any magic source on large distances and being able to use its unique qualities to completely neutralize it.

Recognising this, Nikolai probably did the best thing he could in this situation and for the safety of the kid, his own and surroundings, he used his old connections to get his son as an apprentice to St. Nicholas Monastery hidden in Tver’ district of Russian Empire. For next twenty years, his son would spent there honing his skills and teaching to control his pride and blood instincts.

After 35, Alyosha feels he starts to change but being extremely disciplined, he takes a vow of silence, spends days and weeks in praying and is able to avert most of the negative effects of the progressing mutation. Soon, he leaves monastery and nowhere to be seen for next couple of dozen years, allegedly removing himself from world events.

Later, he reapers again, and it looks like he have been gives some kind of revelation in his prayers and his agenda now is neutralisation of relic effects worldwide, which qualifies as a first degree felony by any existing House.

It is advised to avoid the Mute and report authorities of your house immediately. In case of conflict, the best way of actions would be to weaken an adversary and retreat immediately. We suppose that The Mute cannot be neutralised by the conventional means at all at the stage of its development.

Treadmill of Rumours #1

Dear Sister,

It’s been quite a while and I’m sorry I haven’t been writing you for some time, London is extremely busy these days. Hope Paris is beautiful as it usually is this part of the year and you are having an amazing time in France, but, to business.

As you know, Coven have appointed me to our Embassy at United Kingdom and oh well, despite my simple attache position, believe me, it’s not just sorting paper. For last couple of years, we have been watching and listening, looking for the signs of the Prophesy, Eve the Firstborn have told us about to inform the The Endless Halls of Salem Mansion once they will prove to happen.

We are definitely in the middle of this particular case here as “The Kingmaker” himself have been noticed by agents of Chalice to re-appear in London. He is considered by some to be more myth than a man, but due to what I have managed to know from dear lieutenant-captain M. who has this adorable habit to talk while he sleeps, he is very real indeed. Following up this lead, I have been able to eardrop a secret meeting of the Grail Knights and collect some of the essential data, I’m sure you will know how to deliver further up the chain.

I don’t know what you have heard about him, but the word is, The Kingmaker is one of the Higher Primarchs of the House of Jupiter who refused to associate himself with any of the existing Houses of Blood after Magna Carta. He vanished for some good hundreds of years, to reaper again right before French revolution and surge into the whole flow of the events with his influence, the nature of which is still unknown. He did that later many times after through human history.

The nature of his extra-human abilities are extremely chaotic, untraceable, non-stable and not based on any relics Houses would be aware about, which makes him a phenomena and if you will, kind of the ancient “relic” himself.  Important to mention, the man is a natural “shapeshifter” and whatever erratic source powers him, it allows The Kingmaker to change his appearance from older classy gentlemen to young looking modern hipster if he wills.

So, this Power is in the game now and game is seems to be on for at least couple of governments who are awaiting for serious changes to come. The Kingmaker presence have been noticed at the Mayfair and our guesses (which are still guesses, but educated ones), few European countries presidential powers will be radically overthrown in less than a year, while one particular superpower associated as the home location of one of the major Houses will start getting through the particularly important changes. We don’t know and won’t know, who will be promoted to Power by well… him, but we know, that it will be the period of uncertainty, which Eve marks as part of the Prophecy to come.

P.S. If you will allow me, my dear, I start feel weirdly last weeks. I feel inside the times of change to come and bracing myself before them. What I know for sure, in age of Chaos which is soon, I know I wouldn’t stand alone and hopefully, through them, we shall be able to make our House to stand high again.

With love,

Your little sister Bethany.


The Book of Mixed Blood #1: Decay Child

… John Harthworth have been born to this world in year 1625 in London, United Kingdom. His father was a knight in Order of Chalice whose name is lost in history of years and mother, Amara Conti, who turned out to be a mercenary of Tree of Life.

She have secretly delivered in one year, without telling anyone, hidden in poor slums of East London. To hide the child from emissaries of Grand Houses and give him a chance to live, she have resorted to help of the expelled Coven Witch who put a spell on the boy, to hide his blood talents and inherent mutation.

Everything was going relatively fine, until it became obvious in next couple of decades, that John’s blood perversion played an evil trick on the boy, affecting the spell in a way he would never be able to develop over his 14 years.  

As trouble never comes alone, by closely watching him over the years, Amara began to notice weird changes happening to her son. From shy and kind boy growing in the slums of poverty, but appreciating every small joy of life and occasionally using his power to cure people around his, John began to change drastically while realizing he is locked in child body forever.  He began to spend more and more time in sewers, fight with other kids, communicate with small animals, like rats until one day he killed first.

It was the case of self-defense, when group of bullies cornered John in one of the dark alleys and tried to beat him up for being a freak. It was the moment when John lied on the ground, being kicked in his guts and stomped at the head, when he realized that his healing powers can be used differently. Next day, every boy who participated in this assault died from terrible disease that ate them from their insides over just one night. And John began to age normally, as falling from grace have been always planned as a part of his natural progression… 

When Amara realized what happened, she understood as well the danger withhold in her son, but driven with her motherly instinct she wanted to escape the city together with him. Unfortunately, her son misinterpreted her intentions when ear dropped her talking to angry parents of dead kids as a plan to capture and give him away to justice. He escaped to the sewers.

Amara have been looking for John desperately for years, but was not able to find him and in after some time, she eventually gave up. John… John didn’t. He never forgave and forgot what happened to him. In years, he have risen the empire of decease in London undergrounds and stroke back with all the hatred and anger he had in him in 1656, commanding his rat soldiers to spread the Black Plague over the city and harvest death.

By tremendous efforts of all Houses united, Decay Child have been stopped and city was saved, but by what price?

As well, John Harthworth have escaped the hunt being helped by his mother, who have sacrificed her life to give him a chance to run. It’s not really the most popular opinion, but it looks like John stopped his slaughter only realizing that his mother have never betrayed him.

Hiding in the shadows and occasionally striking Houses for centuries now, Decay Child only reappears to hit House affiliated locations associated with extreme right Blood Purists.

If encountered with Decay Child, please mind, it cannot be killed by conventional means and marked as AAA+ threat level. Retreat or make it retreat and inform your House authority immediately.

Personal Case Inquiry: Selena Lewis

… Selena was born in London in French-British aristocratic family and moved to Paris at age of twelve, where she got her education and lived up to 20-ies of previous century. She have also taught her first lessons in politics and intrigue here as well, while being recruited by British Intelligence and worked for the Crown as REDACTED.

While in affair with one of the Russian dukes in immigration, Selena have been drawn into an occult society, the REDACTED and in one of the improvised rituals accidentally have managed to look behind the Velvet Curtain. After, she have fled to United States being afraid of the consequences of her knowing about Bloodlines world. Selena is one of very, very few who was able to hide from Houses of Blood agents for more than ten years, but she ran out of luck in 1936 when tracked down and captured by Daughters of Hecate while in Providence, Rhode Island.

Ms. Lewis have faced the choice of initiation or memory wipe and she took her shot on joining the Coven, but that didn’t worked well for the House. In few years of careful manipulations and intrigue Selena almost destroyed the organization by throwing wood into the fire of hostility between internal fractions, REDACTED and Children of Ishtar in particular. More than 70 years later, Daughters of Hecate are still in discord after her power-play.

While truth of her participation of those events went apparent in time, she have managed to escape and by using the whole mess surrounding Hour of the Wolf.  Selena was changing countries through the war moving to UK, then Zurich, then REDACTED and met the end of the WW2 in liberated Paris.

Using her sharp mind and spy intuition, she was completely right in identification of an opportunity in House of Dawn when she suggested them her services. House was quite desperate at the time and took her proposal at Selena’s conditions and they have never regretted.

In next 50 years she will be using her talents to provide House with amass of the resources (mostly through speculative and smuggle operations), extensive network of connections (mostly with quite shady characters), relics (mostly stolen) and mercenary contracts.

Rumor is, Lewis was a big part of Cold War escalation between USSR and US gaining profit almost in every program, such as REDACTED PASSAGE.

Due to her significance to the House, Dawn Captains prefer to turn the blind eye on the fact that Selena is extremely extravagant, sometimes reckless and would go into fresh conspiracy just to entertain herself… 

Whistleblower Interview Record #2

[Transcript Starts]

“How is this possible?”

“So, I take it you saw the video from an address I have pointed you to.”

“You didn’t answered my question. I did. There were some visual defects on the record, after which she disappears. Then, she is reported to be seen at Golden Gate Bridge in just 22 seconds, which doesen’t make any sense. After that, there is no track at all! Who is she?! ”

“Mrs. Rogers. I have gave you an answer while our previous conversation. She is a witch. Quite the powerful one. If you want details, her affiliation is House of the Tree of Life, if that would tell you anything, but I think it will not. The matter is… you ask me wrong questions.”

“Excuse me?”

“I’m saying, you are asking wrong questions. What you should be inquiring is, why are you Samantha Rogers, 28 years, single, prominent FBI agent is finding yourself now right in the center of this whole mess. It’s barely a coincidence.”

“Look, you are talking in riddles and I don’t like that.”

“You have always liked them, back from early childhood. In fact, that is the reason you have joined an agency. To solve them.”

“Cut it out!”

“… I think deep inside you’ve already accepted the fact that you are facing something that you cannot explain from human perspective, but you felt always exists.”

“If you gonna tell me now I’m one of those… witches as well, I’m not buying this crap.”

“No, you are not. Neither you are a human, Mrs. Rogers. There are many things you are to discover about the world and yourself. But to do so, you will have to learn to believe and follow the trail of the witch in the red dress.”

[Transcript Ends]

Report: Assembly Assault

Sergey Rostov Dispatch to HQ

… hereby report that group Epsilon have successfully infiltrated the compound and was able to extract the asset.

In full correspondence with intelligence provided by Hermitage, most of the convent consisted from Fortress agents and Daughters of Ishtar members. Wards provided by Grandpa worked as planned, House Guard was not able to track nor our intervention, neither our tracks. My believe is they are still unaware which fraction is behind the operation to this point.

Myself and S. were also able to hack into the organisation system and download a couple of curious files (provided for further analysis to Department 6). Even on the glance, the conclusions are quite troublesome:

a. There is a Budapest connection with Jerusalem incident in place. It’s hard not to notice correlation with resent turmoils at the East Coast US as well.

b. One of the high profile witches of Coven is on the loose in San Francisco, there is a quite a reward on her head. I suggest we set as the priority on getting to her first. Information of the possession to hers seems to be quite invaluable.

c. The whole “Eye of the Prophesy” society is just a frontend for yet another Houses operation. Involvement of figures such as Ms. Lewis, suddenly reappeared from nowhere D. Jones and recent duel between Kara Jensen and Juliette Le Grange in London points out to high profile of events happening.

In general, we need more information. Asset will be delivered to St. Petersburg for interrogation.

Rostov out.

Budapest Operation Dispatch #1

Agent Blazej P. to Field HQ

Per your request, we have carefully investigated relationships between Andrassy correspondence and Archduke Rudolph incident and came to the conclusion of Chalice involvement, probably through Rothschild family.

To establish final connection, tracker from Moscow have been hired and visited Budapest two days ago. Mrs. M. V. been of significant help and helped us to designate Budapest Opera as key location of interest.

Search and retrieve operation have provided us with additional clues that are definitively proving connection of tragedy in Meyerling with old Franz Conrad von Hötzendorf case. 

All materials are sent to site of operations for further analysis.

Gloria veritatis. 

Letter to David from Selena

Mr. Levi,

It’s a pleasure.

We haven’t met yet, but I’m sure you have heard some malicious things of me from your adorable ginger friend. My name is Selena Lewis. I’m also quite sure she is still grumpy about that indecent in Sudan a couple of years ago and would have trust issues in my address, so I would rather not disclose that gifts this letter brings are well, from me.

Now, to business.

I’ve heard you are looking for the hints to source behind the attack that happen on that initiation site back in Jerusalem and I just may want to share with you some information that got to my possession.

Attached, you will find full and quite comprehensive report about recent attack on a lighthouse facility in Providence, Massachusetts. Also, there is this tissue DNA report. This little thingy have been collected from one of the attackers. They are not quite human in nature, I know. The last file here is a bank payment confirmation between an organisation in St. Luis and Budapest security company called “Greyhound”. I know it may not make sense to you, but show it to the Alice, she will know how to get this puzzle together.

As well, you are probably scratching the back of your head now (well, at least metaphorically) questioning yourself why would such a terrible person as moi would land the hand of assistance to you kids in this situation? Let’s just say I have my own interest in this whole mess, plus I kind of curious about you. You are cute and look like a one capable chap. I would hate if you would die soon. So don’t disappoint me Davi and stay alive, I still have plans for you.

Godspeed and save travel to US.

PS. Careful in Providence. Those things do not looks like very bright, but they are nasty. Don’t let them get close to you.


Selena Lewis,

Your friend in high places.